Trevy Makes The Team



sports to be organized 003


Between his delicious cute-y-ness and the beautiful sweetness of the coaches & other families…


It was almost more than my sappy heart could bear.


  Trevy’s 1st baseball game day.  On Mother’s Day. 


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He was VERY overwhelmed.  So was mommy actually! 


sports to be organized 001


I was thanking my lucky stars we snagged a "Bossy Buddy”.  


:: wink ::


Buddies are older, baseball savvy kiddos who come and help the Special kiddos get the hang of the game.  


And the Lord knows, Trevy needs bossy girls in his life!  The kind who don’t mind putting his glove on a dozen times in a row.  Cause he keeps throwing it.  Sometimes…I’d swear…with a cheeky little gleam in his eye too!    


sports to be organized 002


And he certainly had a cheeky smile when he put sand on her shoulder!


That was after he got bored building sandcastles down the 2nd & 3rd line. 


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His favorite was totally running the bases.  And he’s speedy too! 


sports to be organized 011


It was a sweet way to spend a bit of my special day.


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A great big thank you to Portsmouth Little League for sponsoring the Challenger Division for little boys like mine!


MJStump said...

Those pics were enough to have me all weepy right now...my goodness, Trevy is so beautiful!

He is just AMAZING, and what an Awesome Mother's Day gift for you!

Hugs for you,

Anonymous said...

Can I say he IS delicious cute-y-ness, too? (I worry about stuff like that.) I also think he looks 10x more mature than just the last time I was here (and, no, ahem, it has NOT been that long!)

A treasured day, for sure. Thanks so much for showing us! Barbara

happy's mommy said...

Awwww...Jody...I love that you're sappy like me! :)

Barbara...you have 100% complete permission to agree with my delicious cute-y-ness assessment! And it's funny you should say he looks more mature. I did trim the street urchin hair. But he's also going through a developmental growth spurt too. In fact, at least 3x over the weekend he put three words together! Without any hesitation between each word! I think maybe I caught some of that growing up with my trusty side-kick...the camera.


Mama Skates said...

wow - he's growing up so fast! happy (belated) mother's day!