Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the astronaut, the fairy, and the baseball boy


halloween 003

Trevy caught on to the Trick or Treat concept super quick

halloween 005

No sooner would he be down the front steps of one house…

halloween 006

than he was persistently saying “new one” ready for more loot at the next.

halloween 007

Did you see that little post going around FaceBook about special kids coming to your door and taking more candy than they should?

halloween 008

Trevy was that kid!


Double Dipper extraordinaire!

halloween 010

Evidently, a cute astronaut is allowed to get away with it!

halloween 011

He also tried to go INSIDE of a couple homes…

halloween 016


halloween 018

Sometimes I sure wish I could read his mind.

halloween 022

We went candy picking with a group of friends.


It was SO much fun!

halloween 023

And Jonathan was great with Trevy.  Going to every door.  And even running with him to the next house – so he could be like “one of the kids”.

halloween 024

I happen to love Halloween.  I love the costumes and makeup.  The smiles and snickers.  The sense of community.  It’s all just sooooo…



halloween 025




Candy happens to be an excellent motivator.  For the astronaut, the fairy, and the baseball boy!




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