Sunday, November 20, 2011

a little blue rice with your oral motor workout?






Just one of the mile long list of labels that make up the Trevy Medical Portfolio.


In mommy lingo, it means that Trevy’s tongue muscles are weak.  And because they’re weak, we need to engage him in activities that force him to use them.  Using them makes them stronger.  And the stronger his little tongue becomes…the more his articulation will improve.  And I needs me some better articulation because sometimes I just can’t crack the Trevy code.  Also…he’ll be a better kisser! Winking smile



So I came up with this…


beds 007

I used an old wooden puzzle tray that wasn’t being used.  I knew I wanted him to blow through a straw.  I knew because Miss. Speech Therapy told me so.  But just blowing can be boring.


So to spice it up…


I hid pictures under died rice (which btw is a super easy DIY project).

 beds 008

Throw in a funky straw…

beds 009

and huff, puff and blow the picture out!

beds 010

rice and play dough 006

But not without your fireman’s hat, of course.


Oh…and lots of slobber.  Lotsa Lotsa slobber.  Ew…I know.  But slobber means it’s working!

rice and play dough 007


It held his attention for a handful of minutes any way.




teamaidan said...

the helping your son become a better kisser goal will bring me laughter for days!! You're already the best ever mother in law!

Debbie said...

No wonder your a are so creative!!!
Wow...he looks so "grown up" first thought when I saw his puckered up pic!

MJStump said...

I love this idea! Way to go super OT momma!

Kylie's OT said she is lacking muscle tone in her tongue, so we are working on things too. A fun one is blowing a piece of paper or something back and forth across the table with someone :)