Friday, January 6, 2012

I handsome


Holy Moly…this iPod touch is dangerously addictive!


I can’t stop taking video clips.  Which are inevitably too cute not to share with the whole wide world!  God help us, if they start limiting our digital airspace usage!   



His “handsome” move is too much!



And that giggle. I mean.  For real.


:: wink ::





Kristen said...

Too adorable!! Love how Bri is being the "Director"! lol Also how he wants to watch himself!! Awesome!!

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

LOVE it!!! Made me smile. I just adore your family to pieces :)

Mrs. M said...

The giggles are smiling busting, contagious!
So cute, Mr. Hansome.
And Miss B...."He's grooving!" Bahahaha!
And there is Mr Happy and Tobes....ignoring it all, like it's just another dancing day. :)