That would be Trevy's newest nick (we just like nickin' people in our house). Compliments of daddio...who says it's a great football (the American kind...for all my European friends ;o) name!

His toddler-y legs are SO bowed that he looks like a little lop-sided walking wishbone.

Today we finally get to see Dr. Ortho for the very first time. Our PT thinks Trev'll need some sort of bracing. Soooo...we're really curious about the outcome.


Dr. Genes was able to garner approval for the next phase of genetic testing.

So Trevy'll also be donating some dna to be shipped to a lab somewhere out there for micro-scoping.

We're looking for three things...

Rett Syndrome - which Dr. Genes assures is not likely but is always tested for with IS babies

A-typical Retts - which is more likely than the above...but Dr. Genes admits she'll be surprised if it comes back positive

ARX mutation - I'm not really clear on what this is...but she was able to tag it on with the others


And then we'll be DC bound!


Molli Salzman said...

Good luck with the upcoming genetics tests. I cannot wait to hear how it goes in DC.

Take care

~Mama Skates~ said...

ditto to what molli said - praying for u hun!!! xoxox

JSmith5780 said...

Just an fyi, don't expect the genetics results for 2-3 months. It's a long wait.

Hopefully Schumer has read my letter. I know others on the IS group have sent letters to their Senators as well!

Monica, James, & Connor McGuire said...

I just got back in from out of town...so I'm playing catch-up. Good Luck in DC!! I can't wait to hear about it. Connor goes to the Genetics Dr on Friday. this will be our first visit. I'm sure we'll be getting alot of the same testing.