taking baby's blood pressure....yeah right!

Trevor didn't really do too badly on ACTH last time. He was ravenous. Grumpy...but manage ably so.

Really...the worst side effect he experienced was high blood pressure. It was elevated enough that he had to take Enalipril for the duration of his treatment.

Anticipating the same this time...I've been hunting down an at home BP unit. Which any CVS carries. Except the pedi kind...of course.

And our insurance...ironically will cover home nurses up the wah-zoo...but not a BP unit. Seriously!

Thanks to another IS mommy I found a little company in Minnesota. Which...as coincidence would have it...happens to be the State that Senator Klobuchar hails from. You remember her right? She chaired the JEC hearing I recently testified before!

But back to the business at hand...

I found this company:

So I called. Not expecting much honestly. I've had one too many frustrating medical conversations to think it would be a breeze. But the young man who answered the phone absolutely made my day! Quite possibly my next few months! He spent hours trying to track down a distributor here in RI. No luck. Except the manual kind. Perhaps I'm being picky here...but seriously...I refuse to give my son an injection AND be expected to manually take his BP! Thankfully I won't have to. Because Pediatric Home Services is selling me one of their units for $82.48! Plus free shipping!

I am so smiling right now!

It's just nice in the midst of all this chaos...to have some sunshine in the mix!


JSmith5780 said...

YAY! Something is going right for once!

Anonymous said...

We are tickled pink!!!! We remember the struggle with his blood pressure the first time. Thank the Good Lord!! Love you bunches, Bibi and Babu

~Mama Skates~ said...

great news! may the small blessings that truly make huge differences, keep raining down on u & ur's!

Shanna Grimes said...

Wow! That's nice. We had the same struggle with our insurance. We also tried to get a pedi BP for at home. Our insurance said we could take her in for a doctor visit once a week to have her pressures checked, so that's what we did. A little inconvenient when you have other kiddies in tow and also paying a $15 copay just to have it done each week. We must have paid $100 in copays just to take BP, so the $82.48 is well worth it.

One good thing from our BP efforts was our neuro ordered a special cuff small enough for Kaylee. She was so little (only 12lbs when we started ACTH) they would try every limb twice before they could get an accurate BP. Talk about an unhappy camper!