trevy's first (real) haircut

It was just too shaggy...

and at the very least a trim was in order...

Trevy disagreed.


His communication was very cute. Passionate signing and saying "duh" for "all done". Repeatedly ripping off the cape.

Everybody there was clear on his position!

I didn't think it was possible...but somehow he managed to look even more adorable!


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

So handsome!!! How is it possible to get more adorable than that?!?! Sophie and Elsa are going to fighting over him some day ;)

Mrs. M said...

Awwww....love the big curls and the expressive little man.

JSmith5780 said...

Too cute. And the shorter hair should be good for the EEG today.

Anonymous said...

Definitely even more adorable!!

LOVE that last pic/blog pic :)

kt x

Colby said...

LOVE the "new do"!!!!!

So glad his curls are still there!!!